Children of God and my journey with the love of compassion


Saturday, 25 May 2013

Still in hospital 25/05/1969

I'm still in hospital and have noticed lots of new little correspondents appearing and I've managed to get some postcards from London for some off the children to send within there flat packages I'm sending . I will write a little later and add some of the new correspondent children I have received since coming into hospital .

Monday, 20 May 2013

Yesenia Caracara my little shining star

 My little sponsored girl from Bolivia a little angel 

Still in hospital but just when I was struggling a smile appeared

I was having a difficult time and I have been in hospital for a week Monday . Just when my mood was slightly low I looked on my compassion correspondents to find I have had two added today one litte girl from Haiti and another from Kenya . At this point I felt a massive smile on my face and thank god for bringing me joy and helping me by showing me the way. The strangest thig is that I was looking at Haiti today then later in the day I have a nine year old correspondent many prayer and I thank the lord for his almighty guidance and giving me the honour to make these children a little happier. Amen

Thursday, 16 May 2013

In hospital

I am currently in hospital and whilst in hospital I have two new correspondents and gods amazing way to connect me with the world . After his calling I'm proud to introduce my shining little star yesenia . I say this as the second photograph I see of Yesenia her eyes where bright and her smile is one of loving happiness I look forward to introducing my photo of her when I am able to upload it. God has blessed me in a special way that always leaves me happy to help . I thank Kees boer for introducing Yesenia to me and the Us working with the uk to transfer her details . How wonderful the lord works

Friday, 10 May 2013

My new sponsor little girl Rebecca from Kenya sponsored from the 10/05/2013

Rebecca age 4 from kenya
She is Just adorable this family earns very little and im proud that i have been given and blessed with the good fortune of being her sponsor



I love this it reminds me of all my children i sponsor

Wednesday, 8 May 2013


I have just written a letter to Gregorio its 11.30 PM   08/05/2013 and i will continue with packages to send out and letters to write tommorow before i prepare to go into hospital .I pray that the time will go quickly and  then soon after my husband and i are going on holiday for a week . A quiet holiday to enjoy time together after a month of treatment in hosptal.

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

My new correspondent child Mishael 07/05/2013

Mishael is from Ecuador and is 15 years old she has quite a few hobbies Sport, judo ,soccer/football, singing , listening to music and other ball games. Her family duties consist of washing clothing , making beds and running errands . Common health problems in this area include respiratory illnesses, flu, coughs and tonsillitis.

My new correspondent Yusleidis from columbia 7 th may 2013

I have a lovely new correspondent today from columbia Yusleidis he is 11 years old . Common  health problems in this area include flu, stomach infections and scabies. Yusleidis helps his family by running errands , making beds and cleaning . A busy young man but with some fun hobbies group games,running and other ball games.

Sunday, 5 May 2013

My sponsor Poliana

Date of first letter to Poliana 06/05/2013

Tonight i wrote my first letter to Poliana from Brazil. A real little cutie, she sounds like a really busy little girl with lots of hobbies and lots of home duties .Her home duties include cleaning , buying and selling on a market. Her hobbies are playing with dolls,playing house,playing skipping,and story telling. I look forward to hearing from her and learning more about her and her family.

Saturday, 4 May 2013

Tommorows letter writing

Tommorow i will write to Polianna and also Gregorio then prepare packages to be sent of this Tuesday so they can start there long journey. I will look forward to this but must go of to bed for now so i can write and be alert for tommorow good night bloggers and i will be back tommorow

My first letter was sent to Ubinsori 5/5/2013

I have Just written my very first letter to Ubonsiri this was completed and sent on the 5/5/2013
I look forward to hearing from her and will start to get some packeges prepared to send out to all my sponsored children and the correspondent children i have. I will put the packages together tommorow and send them of this tuesday for them to start there journey of to the lovely angels i support and love

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Uzzias Sponsored since April 30, 2013

Sponsored since April 30, 2013 Uzzias age 9 years old from Peru soon is his Birthday ,tonight i sent his birthday letter and completed my introductory letter to him 03/05/2013

Uzzias Sponsored since April 30, 2013

This is a previous image before i was his correspondent

Gregorio Sponsored since April 30, 2013


Two additional correspondent sponsorships from Peru and Bolivia please welcome Gregorio and Uzzia both aged 9


This is Gregorio first photograph before i was his correspondent . I have been very blessed to recieve this little Boy

My new sponsored little girl called Poliana from Brazil age 5

This is little poliana from Brazil she is a new addition to my sponsors but Myself and my 2 daughters are sharing the sponsorship . I see her sponsorship come up last friday and quickly rang the office to see if we could bind a joint family sponsorship . The uk office kindly sorted this out so we could share her . Please wlcome Poliana to our compassion Family i thought she was adorable and didnt hang around incase someone sponsored her .Poliana lives under the care of her parents. Her home duties include cleaning and buying or selling in the market. she has siblings . Poliana loves to play with dolls and playing house , playing skipping and story telling.

A new photograph of Angga

A new photograph of Angga received today when i went to my account today  his details will take a little while to update but i will add any new needed comments if and when needed

Nandolal first letter written 3rd of may 2013

I have just completed my first letter to my correspndent child in Bangladesh His name is Nandolal and he is 15 years old please find below his first picture i received