Children of God and my journey with the love of compassion


Monday, 23 March 2015


Fabiola comes from Bolivia BO 571from the same center as a child I sponsor . Fabiola is a young adventurous young adolescent . Looking forward to hear from her a little more . I have started correspondence with this young girl as she dosnt receive letters from her sponsor . I think it's very sad when children don't get there letters . Look forward to updating you 

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Roberto sponsored through compassion

Roberto is 3 years old and one of a twin and lives in Brazil. I am looking forward to getting to know him and his family . Roberto loves soccer and singing . I hope to add more information once I learn more about him and his family 

I'm looking for help for the twin brother of a little boy I sponsor

Please have a look at this link but I warn you he is adorable xx

Monday, 2 March 2015

Most recent pic of Vanya

My most recent photo of Roman D

Kolya with my friends letter




Roman d

Roman d

Roman at school

Roman d my other sponsor from the same location

Kolya my sponsor whom I'm starting to write to weekly

Kolya on the left

More recently Vanya with my photos and letter



Welcome Vanya to my sponsor family

Yesenia caracara


Yesenia at her project in Bolivia

Yesenia at her project in Bolivia