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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Reply sent to faith on the 1 st of may

Reply sent to Faith on the 1st of may 2013
I pray for Faith that she achieves her dreams and does well in her studies and eventually becomes a nurse im proud of her ambition at 3 years old .

Mail Call 28 april 2013

I have had my first letter from my correspondent little girl , Faith who is just three years old . Her letter told me the members in her family, best game, best food ,best colour,best subject,best bible story and best song .

Her translator writes

Faith saluter you in jesus name she says thankyou for your sponsorship. May god bless you and she requsts to know more about about you .
She requests you pray for her to acheieve her dreams of becoming a nurse and do well in her studies.

I think she thinks i sponsor her but im her correspondent . Its my birthday as i wrote my reply and i told her i love her very much

Double take

This weekend i had to send my 21 year old daughter a message about a little girl from El salvador she is 11 years old . It was really uncanny how alike they were . If my daughter would have been 11 it would almost be like looking at twins . This is the image i found on compassion international . Tell what you think about there likeness ?
But when she was around this little girls age he was identical to her (bronte at 20)

Thankyou Lord for young Sylvain

Sylvain younger photograph taken in March 2010

Its lovely to see in my newer photo of him how he looks so grown up , sylvain is my smiling correspondent in my first photograph of him he was smiling but with more joy in his eyes
Thankyou lord for young sylvain 

Angga During october 2009

Angga during october 2009
I can tell by this photo he has grown so much and and is a  lovely young man 


Im back to my Blog again and about to add some photos of  before photographs of 3 of my correspondents . The photos were a joy to receive they are lovely photographs .

This is Judith in 2009  and she is now 14 but i wanted to share this pic with you all

Saturday, 27 April 2013

Last couple of days

I have had the most lovely evening last night for my birthday and really enjoyed my birthday celebration . Throughout the day i was a little anxious and became unwell and had to go to bed for a sleep. When I awoke I felt unwell but cheerfully I got a little brighter. Last night I had the pleasure of having a living room gig . My husband sorted out food for the evening and done a superb job. I appreciate his help and love to me. The evening was filled with the pleasurable sound of Brooke sharkey , Adam Beattie , and Jez. They also had an artist with them by the name of Chloe Vallance it was amazing to see her fantastic work as she painted with watercolours . All night she painted people in the room and and the artists singing . Brooke had an amazing voice and the other band members were fantastic. The worrying I had done all day was no problem as I felt God had a hand in making my evening wonderful . It was lovely to meet very genuine kind people like Brooke,Adam ,Jez and Chloe.  My children were fantastic and my friends were fantastic in joining me. A huge thankyou to my friends Katy watts and roger smith had the fortunate luck to play whilst joined by Adam Beattie on the double bass. My daughter was lucky as she got to join roger in one song . Thankyou all :-)
Today I have been tired but tommorow I need to get working on the letters for my sponsored children and my correspondents .
Proof of his love

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Today is world Malaria day

please look at this website about malaria and medicine and nets are all thats needed to prevent this disease from creating so much death

Ubinsori age 7

This is ubinsori age 7 years and im at the start of her sponsorship which i pray to god for guiding me to minister this child

Ubinsori age 5

Im very happy to say young Ubinsori has been added to my account my last sponsered child all of who where made as part of my family during march . i would like to share with you before i sponsored Ubinsori this is what she looked like at age 5 . what a beautiful little girl.  Ubonsiri lives under the care of her parents. Her home duties include taking care of the animals. There are 4 children in the family. For fun Ubonsiri likes playing house, walking, playing cards, playing marbles, playing hide and seek and playing ball

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Gustavo Age: 7 Waiting: 357 Days for a sponsor.

Samuel Waiting: 296 Days for a sponsor he is 4 years old and need a loving sponsor contact


my first letter to judith

I have just completed my first letter to Judith who is from Mexico  04/23/2013.

My new sponsor a 7 year old from Thailand

This is my new sponsored little girl she is 7 years old and from thailand . I wanted to sponsor her few weeks ago but hadnt . I was so happy to still see her there and now i look forward to writing to her
  • Age:Location: Thailand. I will tell you more about her when she appears on my account

Javier age 7 Years from Mexico

This is Javier he is from Mexico and he is 7 years old he is looking for a loving sponsor and has been awaiting a sponsor for 447 Days

chilo awaiting a sponsor

Meet chilo he has been awaiting a sponsor for : 448 Days  and he comes from Togo .I pray this little boy finds a sponsor very soon after his very long wait

John from kenya needs a sponsoer please pray and keep him in your thoughts

This is Young john age 8 he lives in kenya and has awaited sponsorship for 448 days
  • Child lives in an AIDS-affected area.
  • Child lives in an area with higher risk of exploitation and abuse.
    Please sponsor john he needs a loving sponsor . I pray john will find a a sponser soon 

    Saturday, 20 April 2013


    This is genesis he is still awaiting a sponsor and has been awaiting a sponsor for 416 days please look at his profile and think of sponsoring this little boy with a big smile

    so pleased to see that Gods work is proof  genesis was sponsored  PROOF


    This little boy has waited for a long time take a look at his profile and sponsor him today

    very happy to see JHOEL has been sponsored  PROOF OF GODS WORK . Thankyou to that sponsor . He will be a happy little boy

    The parents can be happy for there child too

    Thankyou Sponsor / advert Compassion

    Thankyou sponsors and please remeber to think and reach into your souls and your heart and visit the compassion web page and find your little gem
    This is the general idea of how the children gets there letters and what it means !!!

    As this wonderful young woman grows up she meets her sponsor for the first time

    compassion makes a real difference to these children
    This video shows how much sponsors appreciate you even when your worlds apart as shown by this you tube video

    Steven van Kranenburg
    Today i have been looking at resources to make some cards for my little ones in nicaragua and brazil . Especially for Elerandro he can use them as visual cards . I was thinking of doing numbers , splat colours and other words he may need  to express. I found this website called which shows different eduational topics ect . It can be in spanish and portuguese and other languages. 

    FREE Portuguese Teaching Resources - SparkleBox

    FREE Portuguese Teaching Resources - SparkleBox

    Editable paint splat templates

    Editable paint splat templates

    Editable footprints

    Editable footprints

    Numbers and words posters 0-50

    Numbers and words posters 0-50

    Van Gogh’s Starry Night display banners (SB7581) - SparkleBox

    Van Gogh’s Starry Night display banners (SB7581) - SparkleBox

    Friday, 19 April 2013

    Sponsored since April 19, 2013

    Sylvain Age: 13 From Bukina Faso
    Sylvain is  new correspondent as of today whic i was extremely pleased to see in my emails late this afternoon . As you can see sylvain is from Burkina Faso and he helps his parents at home by Running errands , carrying water and also is a kitchen help. A very busy young 13 year old but also spends time having fun  with group games , soccer/football and hide and seek . Common health problems in this area include malaria and meningitis. His community is in real need of educational materials, technical schools and income-generating activities. I havnt yet written to Slyvain but i cant wait to hear more about him and his family
    Sponsored since April 17, 2013

     Judith Age: 14 from Mexico
    Judith is a lovely young teenager who helps her family with running Errands and cleaning . Her favourite hobbies are group games , running and singing.  Common health problems in this area include malnutrition. I havnt written to judith yet but i will be sure to write to her tommorow as she is relatively new to me. I know god will be watching over her and her family.  I await to hear from her once she recieves my letter.


     Sponsored correspondent from the 12 th of april 2013

    Angga age 17
    Angga is a 17 year old young man from indonesia who seem to play a real part in family life his family duties include running errands ,cleaning and an element of childcare. His favourite hobbies and sports are group games , soccer/football and cycling . Common health problems in this area include dengue fever and typhus. They have very little and the familys in the area needs schools, food and suitable housing.  I wrote to Angga on the .....i a await a letter to here about himself and his family .
    This is a photograph of Angga

    An update on young Angga he has left the programme of compassion and I hope The Lord looks after  him on his journey after compassion I will miss him . Now to send his last letter to him
    which will be difficult 
     Kaleykye previous photograph before i became her sponsored correspondent
    Such a cute little girl and she looks a lot happier in her other photograph . Bless her 
    Kaleykye age 10
    Kaleykye was my third correspondent child who is 10 years old and comes from kenya. I was very happy to recieve two correspondents in one day on the 10 th of april 2013 . One thing caught my attention was her beautiful smile and she looks a very happy girl which isnt often the case with images we receive . The main thing i know is that she loook after animals ..which i have asked her about in the letter i wrote to her . I learnt also that she loves jump rope as one of her hobbies .Common health problems in this area include malaria and typhoid. Most of the adults in where she lives are unemployed but some work as animal herders or on plantations . I wrote kalekyeon the ...... I await her letter and to here more about her and her family  
    Heini previous photo before i was his correspondent
    A handsome young boy 
    Heni and kaleykye 

    After being blessed with young Faith from kenya i was very pleased to see an email showing me two correspondent sponsor children and along came these lovely young teenagers . Heini is from the Dominican republic and is 12 years old . He loves baseball and art so i have written to him about art and im hoping to get some lovely postcards with the works of different artisits on as an ispiration to him . The health risks in this area  parasites, malnourishment and skin diseases. H e is a hardworking young man who sews and collects firewood for his family . The community he lives in has a need for
    electricity, potable water. I wrote to Heini on the .... I await his letter and to hopefully some of his art

    Today I will update you on my correspondents

    Today I will update the rest of my blog and show the rest of my correspondents.

    Not feeling very well

    This morning I woke up feeling a little poorly but I hope later today I will feel better

    Thursday, 18 April 2013

    My correspondent children who are close to my heart

    My correspondent children

    I few weeks ago as written on my previous blog i expressed to compassion that i would like to be a
    correspondent . Compassion emailed me  my very first correspondent . Faith is 3 years old and not yet at school. She lives in Kenya ,such a sweet little girl witha sad little face . An adorable little girl  I think the offices in the uk and the usa are fantastic and extremely helpful and accomodating to people and individual needs it is with thanks that the staff in both offices should be remebered in prayer as they go about there daily job .


    Aww i have sposoritus lol there is a precios little boy on the website now called Wilmer take a look he will melt you heart but only ive tried puppy eyes, praying , talking but unfortunateley i dont think this little one will be one of mine but look into your heart and see if he is meant to be for you !!!! Look now before your too late !!! if anyone sponsors him please let me know

     Just to update tonight wilmer is sponsored thankyou to that wonderful person

    Elerandro age 4 but just turned 5

    Now can you see why !!!!

    This week was Elerando birthday so i sent a card and a pressie 
    Elerandro age 4
    Just when my husband is settling with the new sponsors along comes Elerandro as his image sat on the sponsorship page i prayed, that he would be another child i would sponser. The question was what do i say? when do i say ? what do i say ? I dont want to argue but my passion for Compassion is taking a hold. I have to learn to put compassion down but cant . I feel the call of God and i feel he has plans for me . Like he has a plan for my own children and my sponsored children. Any compassion sponsor would know the feeling i have but to other people there understanding isnt the same. Some questions ive had put to me have been why this child? why any child ? why write to a 4 year old?  Why not write to a child that they call perfect and not a child with different looks ? How can i put this every child is precious and every child needs love in there heart. I struggle with people that challenge my thoughts but god knows what we do and why ? and why do i need to feel i have to answer these questions ? This wasnt questions from my husband (other people ). I think i feel when i have chosen my sponsored children i look at where they come from ,what they need in the area ?what the child needs ?All of them i have different reasons. All you lovely Compassion sponsors may have been asked the same, i dont know . We all know in our hearts  and we shouldnt have to explain to people that maybe wouldnt sponsor a child. Fortunateley for me i have a warm a heart and understading of the world we live in . I can only care i cant be any other way. Im sure my husband likes me as a caring person otherwise we wouldnt have been married for so long . Back to my story of this precious child Elerandro i see his photograph and my heart melted again . Now i havnt really said up to now but i have days when im unable to speak but i also have days when i can. My illness prevents this and it can be so very frustrating . Although it has gone on for so long that i am used to the situation. Now what to do about my relentless need to sponsor another child ? Well its simple i spend much of my time at home and although i have my own children they are all older and have there own lives. My son caleb is wonderful and a super child but growing into the teenage stage. He loves computers but he struggles with receiving information and and processing .He gives me great joy in my heart and can be funny. He has special need .  Now here is my reason for my choice of sponsor after looking a few times at the picture i realised Elerandro has special needs? Even more now i feel the connection god has made between us with my aphasia and my sons needs . Elearnadro is mute , my heart felt this need to get my husband to understand why i wanted to sponsor. 
    Elerandro lives in Brazil and loves football, playing with cars and hide and seek. He is a precious blessing to me and i feel God will give Elerandro his voice and i pray for that day. When that day comes i will be as happy as his mum. Common health problems are allergies , bronchitis,asthma,malnutrition,parasites,scabies and also verminosis. Elerandro lives in an area where they need basic sanitation. Look again when you see the next photo i post and look again deep into your hearts and sponsor a child . In the grand scheme of things really its costs little when you add up snacks and things like that. My first letter to Elerandro went on the 11/04/2013 and i await to hear about his life and nthe needs he has . HERE  comes the picture !!!!!

    Jostin our second sponsor

    Jostin age 4

    After a short period of time i felt that it was Gods calling when a little boy appeared on the sponsorship page on Compassion internantional At this point my first sponsorship with Madina was done within the UK. Jostin however was on the international webpage. However i knew he was the little chap i wanted to help. His cute little face and curly hair drew me in almost immediateley. The more i looked the more i wanted to sponsor him. At this time i felt i was beggining to suffer the effect of what another member of Our compassion called sponsoritus. My husband at that point was unaware of the next plan i had. I bless him really for my challenging ways and my eagerness so quickly to have two sponsors. I knew it was manageable to have two however he was very good about wanting to help. Jostin Lives in North America, in Nicaragua . Common health risks in this area are Malaria,Dengue fever Diarrhea,flu,coughs,malnutrition and sexually transmitted diseases. Jostin is 4 years old and helps his parents gather firewood. Jostin sounds like he also has fun as he loves to run, skip and play football. At this point i ask myself does anyone with a 4 year old collect firewood . Our children have the oppurtunites of nurserys or kindergarten where they can learn . What Jostin will learn is to have god in his heart and to learn his love and share. Jostin will also have the oppurtunity to access some of the things we take for granted in our lives. If this photo dosnt steel your heart and make you think more about how much sponsorship means to these children then look again and look into your heart and check the pages of sponsored children you can help .
    Jostins first letter was sent on the 07/04/2013 i lookforward tohearing from jostin and learning more about him

    Madina new pic from the list of pics when i chose to sponser her

    Madina Now
    I chose Madina also because the area she comes from suffers the plight of malaria . I thought her little face was sad but i can also see she can be a happy child with gods work playing a big part of her little life. For me it will be lovely to see her grow up and bloom into a very happy little girl 

    Madina previous pic before we knew her

    This is before i knew Madina and the other imgae is the most recent photograph of her

    Releasing children from Poverty

    Now first i need to mention my dire situation today when i tried to log into my blog and lone behold , I couldnt do it , i tried many passwords and tried also starting again, No luck for me until my patience was frazzled. I had heard of Compassion a long time ago but hadnt had the money to really help others to the degree of difference now . I have been unwell for a long time now and at home doing very little but always wanting to do more . God reached into my heart and soul and guided on the road to help others. Now i feel less worthless at home and unable to do anything . For £21.00 pounds you are able to assist the difference of a child in poverty. Compassion cover many different countrys but all sharing a familiar issue poverty.
    On looking at all the photos on the compassion website my heart melted and i was aware of the many children in need even though i knew in the world there was so much poverty.
    My journey was also helped by seeing a film called Mary and Martha. A tale of two mothers worlds apart brought together by tragic Circumstances. Based on a true life story to a degree. Both parents in the film shared a common interest they had both lost there sons to the plight of Malaria a common problem in the 3rd world .In the film one little boy was bullied at school and his mother decided to take him on an adventure of a life time. In between this a young man goes of to africa to help young children. His time there has a huge impact on the lives of the children he taught. One thing his heart was bigger than he thought. Whilst on this his quest he gave away his malaria tablets to the children that didnt have them. The other child contracted malria and died. By a set of circumstances the mothers are brought together to fight for a cause called Something to look at if your intersted in this cause
    This story gripped me into thinking what can i do ? what can one women stuck at home do ? whilst at home i love to listen to music and i was inspired by the The Green Children are a musical duo wo write and self produce there music. The musical genuis of the two, Milla Sunde and Marlow bevan established The green Children Foundation, supporting microcredit, education and healthcare . During the year of 2006 The green children as shown on my blog shot a fantastic video in bangladesh in celebration of nobel peace prize winner Muhammad Yunus the founder of the Graeman Bank and the ulitmate man of microcredit "n December 2006, The Green Children released a fundraising CD/DVD entitled Hear Me Now throughout Norway. Through sales and donations from around the world they raised $400,000 for one of the first eye hospitals in rural Bangladesh. The hospital was opened on 12 May 2008 by The Green Children and Professor Muhammad Yunus, the 2006 Muhammad Yunus  winner.Yunus initiated this project with Grameen to save the sight of many of his countrymen and women." wikipedia reports. I have great admiration for there help in the money they raised . One of the many reasons i listen to there music and share there passion.

    My other passion in music has lead me to a parisean trio called We were watching there first video i had seen on you tube called Second hand. This trio a real vibrant and multi tasking musical gems. Introduced me to Toms the footwear that when you buy a pair of shoes another pair is given to a child. There video was fun and they are truly dynamic and wish there future in the music world to bloom and grow . After seeing a performance i was hooked.

    A real set of circumstances with a knock on effect to where i am now with compassion now and how much this means to me to help minister children.
    My very first sponsored child and my new extended family to join the 4 children i have with my husband . We have 3 daughter and 1 son our children are 24,21,18 and our son is 11.
    Madina was my first choice to sponsor with her braided hair and cute little looks and lives in Burkina faso. Madina is six years old and is a busy little girl and has home duties. Madina loves dolls and loves going to her bible classes . My first letter to her was an experience as she is the same age as my grandaughter . Her family live on very little a month and its unbeleiveable that that her and family have to live this way. My first letter to madina was sent on the 14.03.2013 and i look forward to recieving her first letter. I will update on her progress when i recieve a letter . Compassion have been wonderful in sending me two photographs one recent and the other her previos photograph before i was her sponsor .