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Friday, 19 July 2013

John Kalinga and Henry

This young boy needs a sponsor please help John

John Kalinga he is grade 4 and lives with his parents and about 11 years old look into these little eyes and reach out to john
Below is henry he too needs a sponsor
Your child’s sponsorship would be annual donation because in order for him to enrol in the school the sponsor’s fees would be $80 dollar’s plus the extra requirements.
Here is a break down:
High school sponsorship is an annual amount of $80.00. These fees are for sports, administration, water, sanitation and utilities cost.
The extra needs are as follows:
Uniform is $13, neck tie $2, shoes $17, stockings $2,School Jersey $13,school bag $9, a boy will need a belt $3, mathematical set $3, exercise books 10 at $3 ($12) a pocket of cement $12.
The pocket of cement is one of the requirements because they are told to expand their school it is PTA contribution or an equivalence of the same in mandatory form it goes into infrastructure development.
Makes it a total of $163 dollars for girls and $166 for boys
You can choose to pay Quarterly for 60 dollars Jan-Sept then Sept-DEC $20 plus extra requirements in between.

Thursday, 18 July 2013

These very wonderful children need a sponsor and the cost is little at

Here are some faces Looking for sponsors

This Gilbert Musonda and he is 15 and in year grade 6

168 dollars Per year

Please help this young man so he can develop his skills and he can eat well


Gift N'gandu in grd 1
Below are some of the children currently awaiting sponsorship and furthermore is one little boy in need later It is $11.50 dollars for primary children 
Mubita Mubita in grade 2
Munsanje Enock in grade 2
It is $11.50 dollars for primary children
Chrispine Mabuku in grade 1

 Jan 2014 he will need a sponsor little Bernard
  Please take a look at this web page children are in desperate need of sponsorship and pen pals ....there need is very great contact also

I have just stumbled upon this organisation that has a need for sponsorship and pen pals these children are needy and also speak to Shelby and she will direct the way to these wonderful children from Zambia . I  am very happy to introduce my  new little children from Zambia that bring joy to my heart that I correspond with :
Janier Namfukwe, grade 1

Esinati Mushoke, grade 1

Gift N'gandu in grd 1

Iness Mutema, grade 3

Jehoshaphat Phiri, grade 2

Jericho Machachani in grade 1

Joe Habanze, grade 2

 Jonathan mulenga

 I co sponsor Peter Mwilu

My co Sponsor with April Brost...this is Peter Mwiliu 
Nawa Matau, grade 2


Prince Munsanje, grade 1

Thomas Simasiku, grade2

 siango Joshua

previous chibilika
Gilbert Musonda
 James M

Monday, 15 July 2013

This account does not anymore exist (below facebook account )

This gentleman is looking for help for a little boy who needs help for and emergency operation for a hernia his name is frank and he is 9 years old . Ronald says  Thank you so much please do so that we can save this boys life .It is 900,000 Ugandan shillings.
 about 249 pounds in sterling .

Sunday, 14 July 2013

Please take a look at these children

Please take a look at these children they are great need of sponsorship and are very poor and in need of much support

Tuesday, 2 July 2013